Kookaburra Worm Farms is a worms suppliers of live fishing bait worms, Catchall Worms R Plenty, Kookaburra Worm Farms, Crawlers, European Nightcrawler, Dendrobaena Veneta, Dendro’s, Scrub worms, live bait worms, freshwater bait worms. Delivered Australia wide.

Live Bait Worms

Welcome to WORMS 'R' PLENTY

Worms R Plenty is a packaged live fishing bait worms business.
Suppliers of live fishing bait worms, Catchall Crawlers, European Nightcrawlers and Dendro's.

We are now specialising in growing Catchall Crawler fishing bait worms. We are the major suppliers of Catchall Crawler live fishing bait worms in Australia.

These worms are new to Australia, but are the most popular live fishing bait worms in both Europe and America. They are commonly known as either the European Nightcrawlers or Dendrobaena's or just Dendro's.

Why are we growing Catchall Crawler worms?

Because we have tested these worms against old favourites like the African Nightcrawlers and the common Scrub worms. The African Nighcrawlers caught 1 fish, the Scrub worms caught 6 fish, and the Catchall Crawlers caught an amazing 36 fish. Enough said!!! The Catchall Crawlers are as tough on a hook as the Scrub worms, they tolerate both heat and cold and can even be refrigerated to extend their shelf life.

Are you interested in RETAILING Live Bait Worms?

  • Do you own or operate a service station, bait and tackle shop, caravan park or kiosk near a popular fishing destination?
  • Do you want to attract more passing business?

Kookaburra Worm Farms - Worms R Plenty - is your supplier of live bait worms:

  • If you want the best prices in Australia on nature's best bait.
  • If you require the highest quality bait worms.
  • If you need a reliable, consistent supply of nature's best bait worms.
  • If you want guaranteed safe delivery of your bait worms.

Why go through a middle man when you can buy directly from the grower. Cut out the insecurity and maximise your profit, go direct to the grower.

We are a large scale worm farm specialising in the breeding and supply of Catchall Crawler Worms for the fishing bait market. We have developed a unique worm breeding system over the past 10 years that allows us to produce large quantities of high quality Catchall Crawler bait worms on a year round consistent basis. Unfortunately we can no longer take new customers on account. All worm orders must be completed and paid for online.

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